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All programmable hardware components on the Jentech Dual E board are field upgradeable via the VME interface due to FLASH archival of all firmware.  Each component is initialized upon power-up and eighty percent of the DSP software is written in the C programming language. 

By storing all firmware in FLASH, the need to return the board to the factory for new firmware releases is eliminated.  New features and upgrades are immediately available to users via disk or Internet.  Return to older versions of firmware can easily be accomplished via the same method and prototypes can be quickly tested and erased as needed.  Use of FLASH memory on the Dual E board allows on-board storage of all the firmware and data needed to reconfigure the board “on-the-fly” for any combination of operating modes as listed below:


Up to 2 full duplex interfaces simultaneously


Up to 4 half duplex interfaces simultaneously


One full duplex interface and up to 2 half-duplex interfaces simultaneously

This simple reconfiguration capability also minimizes the need for spare boards, since a single Dual E board can be used to replace multiple full or half duplex interface boards.

The combination of a FLASH based lookup table for user instructions and field upgradeable firmware stored in FLASH allow easy implementation of new instructions and capabilities as requested by users.

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