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Jentech is the first in the industry to integrate digital signal processing technology (DSP) into Navy Tactical Data System (NTDS) interface products.  The impact DSP devices are having on current technology is revolutionary and DSP is used in a wide range of products including cell phones, PC modems, voice over DSL and the Internet. The use of DSP technology has allowed Jentech to be the first in the industry to provide two high performance NTDS Type E interfaces on a single board saving on both cost and space.  These two interfaces independently provide the highest data throughput and the lowest transfer latency for any of the products currently available in the market.

DSPs are the solution when the design requires both "high speed" and "flexibility".  Dedicated hardware such as PLDs and FPGAs provide high speed but minimal flexibility.  General purpose processors such as INTEL and MOTOROLA CISCs provide the flexibility but lack the performance.  DSP devices allow complex algorithms to be performed at speeds previously only available in a dedicated hardware suite while still maintaining much of the flexibility (DSPs are programmed in 'C') found in a general purpose processor.  DSPs have a relatively small mechanical package (144 pins) and require no supporting hardware (memory or peripherals) for operation.  This in turn allows the use of multiple DSPs arranged in a parallel processing architecture.

The Jentech Dual E board contains three Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320LC549 DSPs which provide high speed real-time processing of NTDS data as well as true multi-tasking to minimize latency and maximize throughput.  Two of the three DSPs provide the capability of processing NTDS interface traffic in real-time, as soon as it enters the board at the NTDS triax connector for both interfaces simultaneously since each interface is assigned its own dedicated DSP device.  Similar processing is performed, in reverse, for NTDS output.  The third DSP processor,  in conjunction with an Altera BGA,  performs all non-NTDS tasking including user interface processing, instruction sequencing, VMEbus protocol and board housekeeping.

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