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The Jentech Dual E board is specifically designed to provide a seamless transition from older NTDS products, minimizing user efforts to achieve a plug and play replacement.  This is accomplished by the incorporation of a flexible UYK based instruction set, high speed hardware and competitive pricing to provide a true 2-for-1 replacement.

The Dual E board has been developed with a number of features to facilitate the migration from older NTDS products.  The independent nature of the multiple NTDS interfaces results in the product appearing to the user as two distinct board interfaces, allowing for continuity in user programming.  The high speed VMEbus controller allows efficient use of available VMEbus bandwidth and eliminates any bottlenecks that could be caused by supporting two interfaces on a single board.

The flexible instruction set is easily adaptable to each userís current interface due in part to the use of a FLASH based lookup table which maps any user instruction set to a general set of UYK I/O instructions.  The use of the ĎCí programming language for 80% of the DSP processor code allows easy implementation of new and expanded features.  See the "Flexible Instruction Set" Highlight for more details about the Dual E board instruction set.

Jentech's use of modern hardware and fabrication techniques has resulted in a multi-interface board product which provides twice the capability for prices at or near those currently being asked for older single interface boards.  Additional cost and space savings are realized by eliminating the need for larger VME chassis and bus repeater cards.

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